System Test 01 – Issues, Workarounds, Breadcrumbs

System Test

Concerns  – using the BoldGrid post editor

  • “Add Block” button is nonresponsive in the initial post editor UI
  • “Add Block Component” menu – from the middle-of-editor “Plus” button – does not show any menu entries, under any menu section
  • Unable to add graphics to the article under the initial post editor UI, using an initial WordPress configuration at this hosting provider

Resolution: Selected the conventional WordPress post editor, under the WordPress dashboard.

Follow-through: Deinstalled the BoldGrid plugins.

Screenshots of the BoldGrid post editor:

Initial BoldGrid editor – the “Add Block” button is ineffective
BoldGrid “Add Block Component” menu (Empty)

Next concern: Something is mangling the post content when generating “Snippets,” like illustrated in the following screen excerpt:

Machine-Summarized Article Preview

This flattened presentation is unacceptable for a ‘blog preview.

Workaround: Manually adding the “Excerpt” text, using the menu illustrated below

“Block” menu for a WordPress Blog Post editor page

Follow through – Questions:

  • Is there a plugin that would allow the WordPress author to enter any amount of static text as a default for all excerpts? e.g “Article available beneath the fold”
  • If there is an editor for the post editor itself, could this be approached with the same?
  • If there is not any such editor for the layout of the post editor, where would the WordPress author be able to edit the range of available templates for posts?

Short answer to the previous: No, apparently not.

Other notes:

  • The second installation for WordPress at is similarly usable, absent of any BoldGrid plugins
  • Updates in the page header are not showing up in the live WordPress site until after adding a new post
  • How to add a literal border to a block or any normal page element in WordPress?
    • WP Image borders plugin and a custom border-image CSS class? (source)
  • Caching for WordPress (configurations may vary)

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